Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn Treasure

Procrastination can take many forms.  Today I absolutely HAD to document the fall changes and exercise the dogs before sitting down in front of the computer to work for hours on some graphic design projects that I had promised my friend Marcella, months ago.  And I desperately needed a hair cut (we barter graphic design for hair cuts, waxing, etc). 

Now don't get me wrong.  I love designing!  In fact, once I did sit down in my comfy swivel chair, I lost track of time.  And the next morning I jumped right back on hoping to have three of the projects finished before our lunch date...which I was late for...You see my personality is that I let the dread of the upcoming project overwhelm me especially when guilt is involved, so that I try to do anything else.  Then when I finally face the project head on, I get so into it, that I don't want to stop for anything! 

Dylan and Lex

Lavendar and Sedum

Chinaberry vine

Pretty New England Aster on our conservation land

New England Aster, native to Michigan

The next three photos prove how much Lex loves the water even on 50 degree days!

My beautiful Sebastapol Geese; Petrov, Rechenka, Boris, Natasha, Nicolai, Anastasia, and Vladimir

The point is:  Marcella's delighted and I still have some fall photos to share right here!