Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pysanky Season

Since Easter is late in April this year and I have only one class to teach so far, I have only just gotten out my Pysanky and supplies.  I took advantage of the fruit tree pruning I've been doing and brought in three budded branches that I secured together and placed in a vase along with water and some beach glass-looking stones for weight.  I had to learn to do this the hard way; last year I broke one of Shelby's first eggs when the top heavy "tree" fell over.  Then I covered all the branches with eggs the girls and I have made over the years and several eggs I have collected as well.  In a week or so all the buds on my branches will bloom a pretty peach-pink; since I used peach tree prunings!
 These are more of the eggs we've made over the years with the exception of the eggs in the left carton which are from Romania and made by monks.  I bought a whole dozen on my last visit to Romania.

I heard about the Relay for Life that my local Curves chapter is supporting.  They are accepting donations for a silent auction.  I decided to put together a little Pysanky kit which includes: one of the Romanian eggs, a porcelain egg holder, one medium kistka, a block of beeswax, 9 different colors of dyes, 2 egg lifters, a box of Polish matches, a sheet of instructions and design ideas, and a basket.  Here it is...
Here is a little note of interest; in all the different countries that create these beautiful Easter eggs, like Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Hungary, and the Czek Republic, each of the design elements and each color have special meanings.  So although an egg might be pretty to look at, there may be great significance attached to the egg by it's maker!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Miracles Still Happen

Ten days ago I published a post on my new little tomato seedlings.  Look what has happened in 10 days!  Who says miracles don't happen anymore! :)

Saturday I spent several hours in the still cool and cloudy weather cleaning out flower beds.  It was like an Easter hunt for all the lovely little seedlings and bulbs peeping out of the newly warmed soil.

 Yesterday, it had jumped to 81 degrees and I had to rush home from church to unplug the heat lamp so my little chicks didn't become chicken nuggets in the heat!  They are fine. See...

 I certainly hope we aren't going to skip the spring season and dive directly into summer!