Saturday, September 28, 2013

Encaustic Fun

I took the day off from my kitchen and canning... 

I have had all my encaustic supplies for well over a month and had proceeded no further than mixing the damar crystals with the beeswax and pouring the medium into silicon molds.  Today that changed!  I actually spent most of the day playing and creating with wax, tissue, and odds and ends of recycled ephemera.

I had picked up some old wooden blocks from a garage sale several years ago and realized today that they would make perfect small foundations for the wax and collage materials I planned to use.   Before tackling the blocks, I started a practice board and a photo transfer method.

Eventually it evolved into this:

Then I started getting really messy!

And created this...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fashion Renaissance

Two Twelve Art Center is hosting a fall fashion show called "Art on the Runway" which will consist of wearable art - some re-purposed, some knitted, some hats, costumes and much more.  I actually missed the deadline so I was surprised when I received a second opportunity to submit at least one item I created.  hopefully, they will have another show next year, as I have this burning idea that I intend to create in the meantime.  I'll offer one hint...the sea.  No not, a mermaid costume!  You'll have to wait and sea!  Get it?

I hauled out the Renaissance dress that I made for Lauren several years ago.  It has been used well, so I need to fix a few seams and such.  But I'm still quite proud of this wearable work of art.  I must give credit to my mom for her help in this huge undertaking.

I only wish the girls were home to help with modeling :)