Saturday, January 26, 2013

Man Quilts

Today Shelby and I made a stop at My Favorite Cafe in Saline to take in a unique art exhibit.  It was titled, "His Quilts; No Pink Please"
All the quilts on display were made by local artist John Cox.  It was refreshing to see a man's point of view in a woman dominated medium.  I especially like the titles like, "Scotch Neat", "My Flannel Shirts", and "Three, no Trump".  My absolute favorite was, "Stoking the Fire".  These beautiful Pieces are for sale by contacting 212 Arts Center.

"Stoking the Fire"

"Did Somebody say Golf?"
"My Flannel Shirts" and "Argyle Socks"
"Scotch Neat"
"Raking Leaves"
"Three, No Trump"

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Every Inchie Monday: Stone

This interpretation of the subject may require a bit of translation.  I am an avid gem, mineral, and fossil collector.  So when "Stone" was the subject for this week's challenge, I wanted to dig a little deeper...get it - dig?  Anyway my title for the inchie would be...

Ancient Ammonite...Subsequent Stone

Modeling Paste, Acrylic paint, Metallic acrylic paint, Alcohol paints, Permanent Marker, Pencil, and Seed Beads

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Finally Learned to Felt!

Since discovering the 212 Arts  Center, I have been soaking in the camaraderie of fellow artists and some amazing classes.  I have finally taken a felting class after falling more and more in love with the material.  What fun!  I have definitely found a new passion! We cut out shapes from sheets of felt (NOT the cheap crafty felt you find in the craft section) and arranged them on a backing piece.  We pinned the shapes in place then wetted our designs with a mixture of water and Murphy's Oil Soap.  After gently rubbing them in circular motions with a wadded up plastic bag as they were sandwiched between bubble wrap and rug backing material, we removed the pins.  Then we then rolled and unrolled them providing different types of agitation.  Finally, if we wanted extra texture (which I did) we dropped/tossed them over and over onto the table surface.  To finish, we rinsed them in cool water to remove the soap and we blotted them dry.

Here are a couple of photos of the two pieces I finished today...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Every Inchie Monday: Girl

I'm a tad late posting my Monday Inchie, but better late than never!  This week's theme is "Girl"
Rather than using a photo or cutout of an actual girl, I decided to let people figure out the subject by using no illustrations, only graphics.  Of course several of the materials are recycled!

Recycled embossed paper, ribbon, lace, cardboard packaging, and dictionary page. Also used: ink, glitter, grommet,     acetate overlay with graphic ampersand

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Star

I've started to participate in a group called "Every Inchie Monday" to keep my creative juices flowing and be more productive this year.  By December I should have 52 inchies which I plan to challenge myself to turn into a project using all of them; perhaps an inchie quilt!

Since I already contribute to Illustration Friday and Photo Friday, this should keep me on my toes!  I'd appreciate any feedback, comments, and suggestions from you, my viewers.  Thanks! 

Upcycled leather tag from jeans, dictionary page, ribbons, metal mesh, recycled beads and crystals, glitter, marker, and beeswax

Illustration Friday: Ocean

Encaustic Whale with recycled lace, tags, beads, and beeswax

Photo Friday: Pattern

Cloud Pattern

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

10 days of Completeness

Being an Empty-Nester seems a bit more normal for us now.  After almost a year, We've gotten used to our space and freedom.  Though neither Mike nor I will forget the week of sorrow and weeping when our youngest left the nest for college!

This December we had 10 whole days of a united family for Christmas.  Our eldest was flying in from Singapore and our youngest from University - in the same state, thank goodness -What a blessing!  Indeed a few adjustments for each of us were to be struggled through.  But what a whirlwind of hugs, activities, chatting, baking, and yes, even creating some lovely heart felt gifts for Christmas.

Family photo in front of the Diego Rivera mural, Detroit Institute of Arts

High Tea at the Whitney, Detroit

Taking care of the craving to bake