Wednesday, January 2, 2013

10 days of Completeness

Being an Empty-Nester seems a bit more normal for us now.  After almost a year, We've gotten used to our space and freedom.  Though neither Mike nor I will forget the week of sorrow and weeping when our youngest left the nest for college!

This December we had 10 whole days of a united family for Christmas.  Our eldest was flying in from Singapore and our youngest from University - in the same state, thank goodness -What a blessing!  Indeed a few adjustments for each of us were to be struggled through.  But what a whirlwind of hugs, activities, chatting, baking, and yes, even creating some lovely heart felt gifts for Christmas.

Family photo in front of the Diego Rivera mural, Detroit Institute of Arts

High Tea at the Whitney, Detroit

Taking care of the craving to bake