Saturday, January 26, 2013

Man Quilts

Today Shelby and I made a stop at My Favorite Cafe in Saline to take in a unique art exhibit.  It was titled, "His Quilts; No Pink Please"
All the quilts on display were made by local artist John Cox.  It was refreshing to see a man's point of view in a woman dominated medium.  I especially like the titles like, "Scotch Neat", "My Flannel Shirts", and "Three, no Trump".  My absolute favorite was, "Stoking the Fire".  These beautiful Pieces are for sale by contacting 212 Arts Center.

"Stoking the Fire"

"Did Somebody say Golf?"
"My Flannel Shirts" and "Argyle Socks"
"Scotch Neat"
"Raking Leaves"
"Three, No Trump"