Monday, October 4, 2010

What do dog food bags, cd containers, and pop bottles have in common?

As much as I love recycling, I'm becoming even more passionate for "upcycling"; a term coined to describe the reuse or repurpose of an item preventing its trip to the local landfill.  Even before I started to seriously recycle, I limited the things in my home for decoration to those that would have more than one purpose.  The baskets on the walls or shelves in my kitchen are easily grabbed when heading out to the garden or for serving homemade bread and dinner rolls.  The photography I shoot ends up framed on the wall, as a framed gift, or is plucked from the wall to be entered into a photography show.  If I tire of the tree branches I sometimes use for curtain rods, they can become perches in my hen house or kindling at a summer bonfire.

 My personality has always been a bit "efficient".  Here are a couple of  projects that would be considered upcycled.  One is handy for around the home and the other one kids will adore.  Currently, I am interested in taking projects like these which could be considered mundane, into the art realm.  Saturday we have a "Pampering Night" for women hosted by our church.  I have been asked to come up with an easy craft so they will go home with a little something.  Because of my passion for recycled or upcycled art...we will be working with french fry boxes!  Stay tuned....I'll post the results.

blank cd container turned twine dispenser

2 liter and half liter soda bottles turned bubble blower (solution recipe below)

Bubble Solution

Items Needed
• 1 cup liquid dish soap
• 1/4 cup Karo syrup
• 1 1/2 cups water
• Large bowl (for mixing solution)
• Container (large enough to dip cut end of your bottle in)

1) In a large bowl, mix together liquid dish soap, Karo syrup and water. Allow the solution to sit in an     open container for at least a day before using. (The longer the solution sits, the better the bubbles.)
2) Pour the solution into a container large enough so that you can dip the cut end of your bottle.
3) Dip the cut end of the bubble blower into the solution. Place the small end up to your mouth and blow your bubbles.

*NOTE: Your bubble blower can be used as a bubble wand - just dip in solution and wave the bubble blower through  the air!