Friday, October 8, 2010

Refried Things

I got this idea from Greencraft Magazine - a magazine that I love!  Imagine starting out with a box of french fries - not so good for you...and upcycling the empty containers into cute little mini storage units - very good for you and the earth!!!  Making these little cuties can be quite addicting.  I planned on making three samples, small, medium, and large for a craft that I'm in charge of at our church's ladies night.  I ended up making 6!  And I wouldn't have stopped there if it hadn't been for the Homecoming Parade and football game at Dundee tonight! 

I made my fry boxes for a corkboard, but I will also have magnets available for the gals who would prefer to use them on magnetic boards.  I am so tickled by the results that I think I will make a whole slew of them for my new art studio (in progress) to store small odds and ends for easy accessibility.  I think this idea could also be used as a gift box with a little tweaking.  Maybe even filled with candy or other goodies and themed for Halloween or Christmas.  One more thing...I did not eat the 60 boxes of french fries that are represented here!

My samples on mini corkboards.
60 fry boxes, gessoed and ready for creation.

Detail of collage box.