Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Castle Saga Continues...March 27

There may be two or three more posts on the progress of our castle.  However, I can guarantee that the saga ends on Saturday.  We officially have a deadline to be unveiled on Sunday, April joke!  (a little April Fool's humor :)

I was going to add a color washing effect over the base gray color on the walls, but the sponging technique gave a better texture.  I believe the color wash would have been too subtle for castle walls.

Here is where I started adding the block stencil.

A close up of the stencil that creates the grout.
Mike's Doors step one

This pic from a camera phone doesn't do the outer wall justice.  I plan to finish the grout stencil tomorrow so I'll shoot some better photos.  I am constantly amazed at what the men created from my sketches!  This is coming out better than I could have ever imagined!  See you for the finale on Saturday...if not before!

The following pics are updates of the finished grout stencil.