Sunday, April 1, 2012

Castle Completion!

Well, it is finished.  We had the unveiling on time, Sunday April 1st with our master carpenter and other workers present.  At first the kids were overwhelmed, but I think it was because of the crowd invading their classroom.  After the congregation headed back to the sanctuary, I stayed to photograph a more normal reaction.  They were excited; touching everything, exploring, trying out the puppet theater, and just taking in the new environment.  I was so happy at all of the responses from the children, teachers, and the parents...very gratifying.  So, with no further ado, I will let the photos speak for themselves and get back to my real life!  After all, Tomas and Isabella are dying to get back into the garden with me!

A few Ikea finds really made the space more useable and fun!

Mike's Doors turned out beautifully!

Thank goodness Lauren came and helped out Saturday; otherwise we would have had to pull an all-nighter!