Saturday, March 10, 2012

Creating Castles

One of my last duties to be fulfilled as I step down from Heading up our Children's Church Department, is the promise I made over a year ago to turn the inside of our Annex into a Castle.  Well, thanks to my husband and a few other wonderful helpers, this dream is in the process of becoming a reality.

It started with a couple of sketches doodled on our weekly church bulletin (yes, during the sermon!  I listen so much better with a pencil in my hand :P)  These wonderful men brought them to life.

As I explained to them, while sharing my vision and my sketches, I can come up with some great ideas, but I have no idea if they are build-able or not!  One particularly creative man made some welcome suggestions and then they were off!  Here is what they came up with after only a few hours.  I will add photos as the whole operation progresses.  Stay tuned...

Day one

Day one continued

This is our puppet theatre!

Day two the Battlements or Crenellations are added.  Yes, I had to Google what the words were for the block like projections at the top of the wall!  Don't you love the Gothic style entry and puppet theatre?