Saturday, March 10, 2012

Narragansett Newby

A new adventure in the world of poultry is unfolding on our little hobby farm. Yesterday I acquired a 10 month old pair of Narragansett Heritage Turkeys.  What is so special about a Narragansett Turkey you ask?  Not to get too personal in an otherwise private moment between birds but....they can still reproduce naturally!

Not many people realize that in the rush to get fattened up birds to our tables, most commercial breeds have lost the ability to reproduce on their own!  I kid you not!  On our farm, animals must be able to perform all natural bodily functions without my help.  So they must breed, lay, hatch, and care for their young without my assistance.  I'm not God after all and I have a few more pressing tasks than to artificially inseminate my turkeys!

Gutter humor aside, these birds are lovely.  I've named them Isabella and Tomas.  There are many need similarities to my chickens; A perch - although much larger, a nest box - ditto, and similar feed.  However, I've also discovered that my chickens can never hang out with the turkeys because of disease issues, and that I will have to get the fence up around my garden; for although they don't scratch around, they will annihilate my vegetation!

I have already been receiving jokes on naming them "Butter" and "Ball", but these are my breeders.  Being named alone protects them from the freezer!  I can't say the same for any offspring, however...



A lovely couple