Thursday, March 8, 2012

Preserving our Memories

My maternal Great Grandpa Todd in the Calvary in Battle Creek, Michigan

As a resolution this year, I was determined to scan boxes of old photos of my Maternal Great Grandmother's and Great Aunt and Uncle's, Paternal Grandmother's, and my mom and dad's old pics that have been stored in cardboard boxes for countless years.  I am happy to report that said resolution has been accomplished!

My paternal Grandmother's family, the Case's

My maternal Great Uncle Leon's picture from the service in WW2

My mother, Conita as a baby

My Great Uncle Delos and his dog, Skippy

My Mother and Father's Wedding with my maternal Great Grandparents on the left (Todd) and my paternal grandparents on the right (Hutchinson)
I even went one step further.  I copied all the photos onto cds to share with my family, put my paternal grandmother's photos into acid and lignin free albums, and returned photos to other households.  I cannot express the relief I have of no longer being responsible for the safety of generations of old pictures in the case of a house fire!  Now, many cds will be spread throughout the family. Should a tragedy destroy the originals, nothing will be lost and countless backups will provide relief.  Sigh. :)