Friday, October 18, 2013

Learning Proper I can break the rules later!

I started a traditional quilting class last Monday at Quilting Seasons, a darling little shop in Saline.  They claim to be friendly and they are!  The first day Mary, the owner, showed me how to create the Friendship Star block.

So I went home and finished 12 more of these blocks.  That Wednesday Mary showed me how to make the Double Nine Patch Variation block.

 So I went home and finished 12 of these blocks.  They were a bit more difficult...but I was determined!  The following Monday, I stitched my blocks into strips, then I stitched the strips together.

Then I needed to decide the colors and arrangements of my border pieces.  Of course, I had to get technical and create "flash cards" of color variations to help me decide.

Ultimately, I added one more fabric to give it a little more depth.  Here is the quilt top finished.

Wednesday, Mary helped me sandwich the top with batting and the backing material.  This week my homework is to begin quilting the layers together.  I am amazed at how quickly and easily this came together. 

I think the fun part will be naming my lap quilt.  I've also decided to incorporate my mistake into the title.  Did you find it yet?