Saturday, October 19, 2013

Nuno Felting

I am fascinated by all things felted.  In fact, I have started searching the racks at Salvation army for sweaters that are made of 100% wool, mohair, or any other natural fiber.  I've already taken a wet felting class, a felted soap class, and now a nuno felting class where wool and bits of yarn, string, or other ephemera is felted into a silk scarf.

We began by dying our scarves and microwaving them to set the dye.  We ironed them dry and lay them out on two tables end to end.  We created designs with the wool roving and bits of yarn.  Then similarly to wet felting, we used water, soap, and agitation to felt the wool into the silk scarf.

I learned that I like control over my art.  That's hard to do in the dying section of the class.  I found it frustrating but persevered and made it through.  The designing and felting more than made up for my early dismay.  I ended up with a lovely scarf with various sized ruffles due to the wave pattern I used with the wool roving.  I must make more!

A detailed view