Monday, January 13, 2014

A Quilting Frenzy

I wanted to learn to quilt.  So I did.  Never one to go halfway, six weeks later I had completed two lap quilts for two daughters. Two weeks after that, a baby quilt was due; needing to be finished five days after arriving home from a two week holiday in the UK, Ireland, and Northern Ireland.  It too, was finished by the deadline; although admittedly I hand bound the baby creation in the most unusual places.  An hour and a half wait at the Apple store created it's own "unreality" as I hand stitched, knotted, clipped my homespun amid the latest electronics and accessories and crowds of IPhone and Apple connoisseurs! 

I could not share photos of the daughter's quilts without spoiling the surprise.  So I waited until now to display the aforementioned lap quilts...

Actually, the one on the left should be familiar.  I had posted pics of this one before deciding to do two for the girls for Christmas.

Complete with labels

Unfortunately, I forgot to shoot photos of the completed baby quilt.  So here is the finished top.  Perhaps I'll be able to post pics later.