Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh Why-O Did I Ever Leave Ohio?

Shelby and I recently had a short, little road trip in honor of her graduation. When my other daughter, Lauren, graduated High School, the three of us had a cross-country trip to California by way of New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada. However, with two children now in college, we realized that a small trip was in order this year. Shelby had found this cute little town of Dublin, Ohio while attending a horse expo a few months back and was determined to return in order to check it out. Although Dublin seemed to have the best restaurants, two other towns: Powell and Westerville definitely had the best shopping. We visited antique stores, resale shops, tea breweries, boutiques, and ate at one very good organic Thai restaurant. Plus we stayed in a mansion in Mount Vernon, Oh that happened to be the home of the first female doctor in America.
I loved this shot of a historic building in Dublin, Oh. (if only window units weren't invented)

Shelby posing in Dublin

My delicious organic Thai dinner in Westerville. (Shelby said our waiter smiled like Doctor Who....someone I know nothing about)

Shelby in front of the beautiful in-town mansion in Mount Vernon, it is called the Russel Cooper House.
This is a journal that the guests write in, there was a very emotional entry from a patron during 9/11.

This is the Garden Room. We stayed in the English Country Room, but they were all huge.

One of the gardens near the Russel Cooper House, the whole neighborhood was very inspiring for landscape design.

Me at the gorgeous Innis Metro Park in Westerville, the whole park was donated by the Innis sisters.

I've been wanting to make a Bible Garden for our church, maybe now I will!

I love how this shot frames the landscape.

They had a lovely quilt exhibit in what used to be the Innis Sister's house.

Shelby pretended that this maze was part of the Tri Wizard Tournament and that this statue was the trophy. Don't touch it Shelby, you'll have to meet He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!

Shelby found a whole new wardrobe of vintage clothing. I loved this vintage wine suite from the 1940's.

We got creative by creating guacamole in the back of our car.

Shelby loved the first dress the best, I loved the middle, and we predicted Lauren would love the third one....we were right!