Saturday, October 18, 2014

Break's Over!

Wow.  Has it really been 4 months?  I may not have been blogging, but I have not been eating bon bons either.  In fact, I've been creating, creating, creating.  I've also been learning how to build a website for my gem and mineral group, MMLS.

I'll post some of my recent projects in some later posts.  Today I am excited to share my jumping into working larger.  I haven't painted much since college.  When I have, it's always been 8x10, 9x12, or gasp 14x18 ooooh! (insert sarcasm)

I have really been inspired by some talented local artists.  In fact, the opening for Ryan Stiner at Two Twelve Art Center  caused me to crave acrylics+BIG canvas+Expressionism= happiness.

That's exactly where I am right now.  However, I don't have the resources to purchase big canvases or the inclination to cause rabbits to suffer so that I can build my own!  So off to the hardware store I went.  I got a 4'x8' sheet of Masonite that the wonderful guys cut into quarters for me.  2'x4' might not be considered giant for some, but it's a lot more size than I've ever worked with.

I've decided to fully enjoy each step of this process.  From priming to varnishing.  I spent one overcast day outside priming all 4 boards, when the rain suddenly came.  Although I rushed to get the still wet gesso-covered boards inside, one or two might have some interesting rain texture embedded in the gesso ground.

Today- a whole day to myself - is a day to start sketching and laying down the first layers of paint.  originally, I wanted to be outside and work from the actual landscape, but alas my friend Rain has returned with his cousins, Wind and Cold.  At least my studio is 3 walls of glass so it's almost like being outside.  I'm working from some photos I shot of our gorgeous landscape views here at home.

Day 2: Sketching and laying on the first layer (under-painting)

Day 3: Another layer

These are not consecutive days.  I work, wait a couple of days and go back to it.  I'll post again after the next layer.  It's good to be back!