Sunday, March 16, 2014


I confess I forgot to include you in my beeswax making method.  I forgot to blog it, photograph it, and share it. If you'd like to check out the link to the YouTube video I used, go here.  The guy in this video uses a solar oven.  I just used my regular oven on the lowest temperature and it worked great.

Here are the awesome results!  As mentioned, I washed the wax in water twice to remove as much honey and other impurities as possible.  Then using an old window screen that would fit in my oven, I layered an old 9x12 cake pan with an inch or so of water on the rack in the oven.  The window screen was placed on top of the pan and a paper towel was placed to fit exactly over the cake pan but on top of the window screen.  The paper towel was my fine sieve, used to remove all the tiniest bits of impurities.  Then I heaped the wax "shavings" onto the paper towel, turned the oven on low and watched and waited until all the wax melted through the paper towel into the waiting cake pan.

The most crucial part was to turn off the oven and leave everything alone until the morning.  This way the pure wax hardened and floated on the water in the pan and there was no accidental mixing of impurities back into the cooling wax.

I have this photo of some of the wax collected after straining the honey out.  This is before all the wax was collected and washed twice.

My sheet of wax is quite thin because I didn't have a whole lot of wax.  But this will melt nicely into my molds for easy use.