Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Day in Detroit

This is the Grand Trunk restaurant in downtown Detroit on Woodward.

Shelby (Alexandra) and I spent the day in Detroit specifically to view photographer, Patti Smith's work and a very famous Vermeer painting, "Woman Holding a Balance" at the DIA.

We spent many hours viewing our interests and photographing artwork and architecture.  I was pleased to get many shots of stained glass pieces and church iconography for my own current series of collage.  I was tickled to happen upon a Rauschenburg painting; whom I believe is the creator of modern collage.  Here are some of his paintings - the collage is obvious!

Afterward, we walked around the area and discovered the Scarab Club, a long established society promoting artists of all venues; hosting exhibits, concerts, poetry readings and offering some work spaces for select members.  The beams of the lounge ceiling boast autographs of prominent artists like John Sloan, Diego Rivera, Marcel Duchamp, and Norman Rockwell.

 Finally, we found our way downtown to a lovely old pub called the Grand Trunk- after the railroad.  The atmosphere was that of "Cheers" where everyone would know your name.  The architecture was fabulous and barely touched over the years leaving a warm and authentic if forlorn appearance.  We both had a Veggie Riot sandwich; complete with toasted sourdough bread...yummy!